Committed To Making The Least Amount Of Impact On Our Environment As Possible

That is why at Lean and Green Café we take the extra step to provide our customers with healthy food made with Organic ingredients.


Supporting Organic farming encourages sustainable agriculture practices that have positive effects on the environment. Our customers can feel at ease when dining at Lean and Green Café because all of our disposable products are recyclable or compostable.


By limiting the amount of waste we create, we take some of the burden off of Mother Nature.


Why Eco- Friendly Packaging?

The Lean and Green Program of sustainable packaging offers a comprehensive alternative to the use of non-degradable plastic packaging. Products in this program are:


  • Renewable
  • Sustainable
  • Compostable
  • Biodegradable


These are the words of the future; a future where we have a single waste stream that is totally compostable with municipal composting taking the place of landfills. Annually renewable agricultural crops and residual agricultural waste such as sugar cane stalk and rice hulls will take the place of oil for fuel and packaging feed stock. Agricultural crops and residual waste are now recognized as both a green energy source and a sustainable replacement for non-degradable greenhouse gas producing fossil fuel based packaging.


What is the difference between biodegradability and compostability?

  • Biodegradability:Capacity of a substance to be broken down by microorganisms (No set time scale)
  • Compostability:A managed biodegradation process, through production useful compost in a maximum period of 180 days.


Composting closes the environmental loop.

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we eat lean and we think green